HUAMAI AERO TECH CO.,LTD, as one of the earliest suppliers of brushless motor and servos in China, located at Zhuhai city of China. It was established in 1997, a comprehensive Sino-foreign joint venture which concentrate on RC motors ,industrial brushless motors, brushless servos development, production and provide a complete set of power system solutions.                                           

In order to meet with different needs of customers, we not only provides various products which with different version and series, but also provide customization service which according to the customer's specific technical parameters design and production.  

We developed our Himark brand large torque brushless digital feedback servos, which are widely used in unmanned systems, such as unmanned boat, vehicles, helicopters and industry automation.

Himark is a professional RC manufacturer expanding into the UAV area. As one of the first dedicated RC manufacturers in the 90s, Himark continues to play a key role in the development of China's hobby industry. We provide OEM and ODM services to leading hobby distributors worldwide.

We are able to do this thanks to a state of the art manufacturing base. In addition to a manual assembly line and QC department, we have well-equipped in-house machine lines and a SMT facility. This unique vertical integration allows us to provide quick turn-around, and maintain tight quality control, with minimum reliance on outside suppliers or services. This also helps to keep proprietary trade information private.


Display product advantages

Expand the competitiveness  

Specialized customized solutions 

Quality Control

Diversified testing devices 

Professional quality inspectors 

Precision measurement instrument  

20+ in house CNC center machines 

Company Industry
Experience (25 Years)

Quality to survive


Founded Since 1997

Technological innovation

Total Floor space & Staff

Employees: 150 

Plant area: 5000㎡

Office area: 1400㎡

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